An all-inclusive package for converting your existing libraries and projects into `nbdev` ones. Developed by Novetta.

nbdev is a fantastic workflow aimed at centralizing documentation, testing, and source code generation all out of one place: Jupyter Notebooks. However, what if you already have an existing project? As it stands the only way to convert your library over is through manual tasks (which can take > 30 hrs!).

lib2nbdev is the solution!

Instead, we can perform a one-time conversion on any existing library. During the conversion process the library will help you generate a proper settings.ini configuration file for your project. However you can also generate your own settings.ini and put it in your project's core directory, such as:

  • lib2nbdev
    • settings.ini
    • lib2nbdev

For generating a valid settings.ini, see an example here and the related nbdev documentation


pip install lib2nbdev

How to use

From your project directory (in bash), simply run:


And it will automatically generate the notebooks needed, as well as privatizing any functions that may need it (anything preceding with a _ in the name) where they shouldn't show in the generated documentation.

Afterwards you have a fully-functional nbdev library, and can make use of all its goodies!

Note for Windows Users:

If you wish to use this library you should either:

  1. Use Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2)
  2. Use the Python3 interpreter in Windows:
    • python3
    • from lib2nbdev.convert import convert_lib; convert_lib()

Important Notice:

This is a one-time conversion, this does not allow for repeated python -> notebook conversions.